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Pool Hunks is the most trusted pool service based in Florida. We serve with our high standards and do not compromise on them. We are working to set new standards for pool service. We offer residential and commercial pool services. Our technicians, supervisors, customer care representatives, and managers come together to help you enjoy the freedom at your home or workplace.

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Our goal is to thoroughly implement the cleaning process with our trained staff. We undergo regular background checks and provide necessary training to all the technicians before having them work in your house or workplace.


Cleaning your pool every week can help remove the debris and prevent the algae from growing on the walls and floors. For your next event, you can get help from our pool cleaning team. We recommend professional pool water cleaning at the start of every season to ensure that your pool is in good shape. Our pool cleaning services are brushing, skimming, chemical testing, and filter evaluation.

Yes, all the pool customers we have can set a day of the week when they want to get their pool serviced. We recommend long-term set schedules to make sure that pool’s water is clean and the chemistry is consistent. It helps to plan accordingly.

It completely depends on the type of pool you have. A saltwater pool is different and a standard chlorine pool has a different approach to be followed. You can always call Pool Hunks for assistance in your pool cleaning process. We will come and explain to you the requirements of your pool, check the chemical balance, and make sure it is safe for you.

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