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Pool Repair Service

Owning a pool means having it repaired someday. Even the well-maintained pools need repairs one day due to the age, fault in equipment, or general wear and tear. On that day, it is better to call an expert team to repair it and this is where Pool Hunks comes in.

Pool Repairing Service in Florida

For proactive or emergency repairing services, we commit to three basic things:

  1. We offer you energy and money saving options.
  2. Our technicians are trained, insured, and licensed.
  3. We stand behind our work and own it.


Our team of pool technicians is trained to repair anything related to the residential pools including pool timers, automation, lights, heaters, pumps, filters, valves, plumbing, drains and skimmers, handrails, and other safety devices.

Pool Equipment

We work on the installation of the best and energy efficient pumps and motors. We ensure hydraulic efficiency, proper sizing, and safe and correct plumbing while having you select the equipment for the pool.

Pool Heaters

The main reason for owning a pool is to enjoy swimming and enjoy it by sitting around, taking a dip, and not getting the freezing feeling. So, it is better to maintain the proper heat of your pool, and Pool Hunks will help in this. We are committed to offering to install pool heaters, pumps, and gas heaters to have you the best dipping and swimming experience.

Pool Motors

We also install the best pool motor and make sure to recommend the energy-efficient motor with variable speed.

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